Whether you have an older home that you’d like to modernize or you simply want to upgrade with extensive remodeling, a whole-home remodel is a solid choice. Your home should be a reflection of you; it should show your style and suit your needs. A whole-home remodel is a good way to make sure your home’s interior flows well and is designed the way you’d like it to be.

At Geer Construction & Remodeling, our team of skilled professionals is here to help you create a home that fits your family and your lifestyle. We understand that a whole home remodel is a big project, and we’ll do our best to make it as fun and stress-free as possible, so that you can come home to a house you love.

The owner of Geer was previously a part owner in a development company that was building condominiums.  And before that he started out with his step-father building homes.  Many like to compete with builders using builder grade materials (lower quality) to get prices down, but we at Geer prefer to work with Premium Materials and will only consider building you a home if we are not cutting corners.

We will consider building you a custom home under the right opportunity, but we traditionally focus on whole home remodeling.  But building a new home can be much more complex that remodeling a home.  We decided to show you all the intimate details that we cover building a new home, so you can rest assured we can easily address any concerns and desires you have for a whole home remodeling project.

Whole Home Remodeling Contractor with New Home Build

The above shows a new Country Style Custom House we built.  We demolished and replaced an old Farm House.  The only items we kept were the plumbing and slab of the original house.   The new home was made of brick wainscoting, wood, smart siding and framing with 2×6 walls.  There is a high pitch shingle roof with engineered trusses.   The wood smart siding is engineered finish and an engineered wood making it last longer. 

A contractor who will work on your home needs to be able to address all the intimidate details from front door to back.  And along the way we reach one of the most valuable rooms, the kitchen.  So while this is a new kitchen, all the aspects are the same for Kitchen Remodeling which you can read about too.   The new kitchen that follows shows custom shaker style cabinets with recessed LED Lights and under cabinet lighting. There are granite counter tops, shaved brick backsplash, a peninsula with breakfast bar and engineered wood flooring.

New House with Kitchen Remodel

We wanted a lodge effect utilizing the trapezoid windows.  There is a pretty creek that we wanted to have a full view of.  We also show the view from the living room with the creek behind.  And while showing these pictures, it is a perfect time to introduce you to the outdoor living remodeling we provide for decks, porches and sunrooms.

New Home with Living Room Remodel

New Home with Outdoor Living Remodel

Similar to the new kitchen, all the aspects are the same for Bathroom Remodeling as found here.   This next bathroom has some aspects of what is called Aging In Place (also known as Handicap Accessible).    The new bathroom has a universal design, free standing tub and heavy glass frameless shower door.   The porcelain tile resembles a natural stone effect which matches well with the mosaic pebble stone floor.

New House with Bathroom Remodel

So let’s now show you what it takes to build a new home, knowing our goal is to help you see why we have so many Construction & Remodeling reviews for so many years.  The family just needed more room as the family grew.  There was a three bedroom house and needed more space.  We tried and realized we couldn’t do additions so we decided to build a new home.

Old farmhouse before new home remodeling construction

Demo of farmhouse before new home remodeling construction

The next images show us framing the new house, setting trusses and roofing.

Framing New House alternative to remodeling

Setting Trusses for New House alternative to remodeling

Roofing New House alternative to remodeling

Then we show the new house when it is “in the dry” stage.  At this point we began building the outdoor living area too.

New House in the Dry

New House Outdoor Living Remodeling Build

And then we just need to run the power to the new home build.

Running Power to new custom home build and remodel

And then we leave you with the final image after a job well done and ready to move in.

New House custom home side view

New House custom home rear side view

The possibilities are practically endless when you are thinking of a whole home remodeling project (or even a new custom home too).  Just get in touch with us and we’ll tell you what we can do for you!


As members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and NAHB, we pride ourselves on providing you with dependable, creative construction work. We bring expertise, tools, and manpower to your job to execute your vision and create the home you’ve always wanted to have. Get in touch with us today and see why so many of our Hot Springs clients return to us for multiple projects, and recommend us to all their friends!